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thanks to the huge crowd that came out to support my event with @lovepastry last night at the L...

thanks to the huge crowd that came out to support...
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Posted by Cody Simpson

thanks to the huge crowd that came out to support my event with @lovepastry last night at the L...

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paytyne143's picture

ples come to south carolina .... i went out of town the day b4 i herd that 1 of ure concerts were here about 3 months back and i have regreted that trip ever since.... so plese come back so i can finally see 1 of ure concerts!!!

lovecody143<3's picture

cody come to canada!

NICOLE<3S CODY's picture

if i was there i would of have a big ass poster that said i love cody !!!!!

xMusicMonsterx's picture

the guy in the hat is like 'derp' x) Rock on dude.

Alicia 4 cody simpson's picture

that guy in the hat is well fit

sarah_50's picture

you guys r all freaking out cuz he's famous! if he wasnt you wouldnt even know who he was hes a normal guy!! (a normal really really freaking hot guy) but still! relax yourselves a little.

songsinger's picture


Sabrina Calvo's picture

damm there were a lots of people

codysimpson#1_2's picture

plz come 2 toronto

Codysgirl98's picture

flash mob anyone?????? ur awesome cody!

<3codysimpson<3's picture


Kaytlynn Kulcsar's picture

come to saskatoon, please

alive's picture

Please go to Manitoba please

CodyCrazy101's picture

You Should really come back to Dallas!!!!

Madison Muehlbauer's picture

i seeee me !! ahhh . . . that was the BEST day EVER ! i love you cody simpson

redheadleigh<3's picture

come back 2 atlanta

BrendaLovesCody's picture

I was there ! :D

mizzcutie15's picture


bre's picture

haha (:

loreto's picture

porfabor cody ven a ESPAÑA

LotsofLove4UCody's picture

lol wow

Isaabellafl's picture

Cant wait to you come to Brazil (: Please, come soon!

Paola's picture

ohh, my dreams very big

Mrs.Simpson_14's picture

thts no crowd thts a swarm of people lol

Pinkkyy907's picture

if i had to stand in front of that many people i would have MAJOR STAGE FRIGHT how can u do that?

143CoDy_11's picture

Big crowd cody must be fealin the love!$$! I know i would$!!!! Lol peace lov e and MUSIC

Abbey's picture

wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww lots o fanz!

cslover52's picture

woha i ddnt even thnk tht the crowd was tht big lol

codysgirl_6's picture

u should really come to pa for my birthday on september 9th haha

CodySimpsonFan_3's picture

where do u live??? i just wanna know so u can come to where i live and if its close thats cool because i dont want u to travel soooooo far but u live 4 that i guess.... :-( u need to see your fans but u shouldnt travel sooo much