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Cody Simpson - Angel [Music Video]

Cody Simpson - Angel [Music Video]

Average: 4.9 (44 votes)
Posted by: Cody's Webcrew

"Angel" Directed by @CodySimpson and @ItsMattGraham © 2011 WMG | "Angel" is off the "Coast to Coast" EP available on iTunes NOW:

"Angel" Directed by @CodySimpson and @ItsMattGraham © 2011...

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on December 17, 2011
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"Angel" Directed by @CodySimpson and @ItsMattGraham © 2011 WMG | "Angel" is off the "Coast to Coast" EP available on iTunes NOW:

Average: 4.9 (44 votes)


michelle143's picture

i don't think this is the OFFICIAL music video cuz when the video is in 1:46 i see fingers on the side of the camera!!!!!sorry i notice things like that, i have OCD.

michelle143's picture

did u see his do that foot work!!!!!OooooooooooooooHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Bree143Cody's picture

Ill be your angel Cody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 143 forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

angel4life143_3's picture

my favorite part is from 0:00 to 3:51

angel4life143_3's picture

i love this song! cody u are so talented!!! words cant even describe your talent!!!! 143 143 143 143

Codys_Angel's picture


Ilaria_3's picture

I love this song!!!!!!!!! It's very, very beautiful!!!!!!! :)

CodyLove45's picture

I LOVE THIS SONG SONG MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I

What Huh's picture

Aw, that's the most upbeat love song I ever did hear, and Cody is so darn cute!

SingingDancer001's picture

Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1-4-3 Cody Simpson's picture

I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Jacqueline McDonald's picture

your amazing

gOtMeGoOd_rach's picture

Ur my angel. Even though u is a dude. LOL's

CodySimpsonLover888's picture

He does sing likes an angel! :D

Mizz_Meena's picture

This song is so amazing :D and he can dance too

AngelBear5103's picture

My fav dance moves are at 2:45 and 3:02.Check it out.

Lover1234's picture

I really love this song because it is an up beat song and it is also a love song and you dont get that very offten. I personally love this song. I have always love this song and it is one of my fav. I also love how the video is on the beach because befor Cody even became famous I loved the beach. I love the sand and how the waves carry you away. The only problem is that I live in Colorado and the place you can go swimming is in a pool or a lake. ther are not like an ocean. I rewally like this song and music video. Its not like others and thats one reason why I love it.

dancer143_2's picture

the dance move at 2:45 is awesome! :) and 3:02!!! i love him he is amazing! :))

modelgirl46's picture

omgee!!! Can he be any cuter

Faby Bieber Simpson's picture

i love u you are amazing i love you song

k.co171's picture

You are an amazing director and you should direct more of your videos it just seemed really down to earth. I love you and you are an amazing dancer haha

Bree143Cody's picture

Luv this vid Cody amazing job!!!! 143 luv the move a 2:45 too!!!!

alexxisSimpson's picture

The best song ever! Great job!

Lily143Cody_2's picture

Wow. Ngl, that is sooo good! Then again, so are all the videos! Much love Codyy!

Paola <3's U!'s picture

Oh Cody you're definatly working those glasses(; LOVE YOU TOO DEATH BABE

marie23's picture

i luv the move at 2:45! me and my friends call it the eagle

JulisaFrausto's picture

Aww how cute, keep up the good work Cody; iLove the video . ;D

codysimpsonlover143's picture

aghhh cody i love you and this video!... its amazing and i love your dancing :) teach me!!..

1-4-3;)CRS's picture