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Cody Simpson - Not Just You [Official Video]

Cody Simpson - Not Just You [Official Video]...

Average: 4.9 (128 votes)
Posted by: Cody's Webcrew
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on October 12, 2011
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Average: 4.9 (128 votes)


CodyLuva143_3's picture and @hot cody cody you guys need to STOP fighting on CODY's website, he deserves better than that and it's not nice to say bad things on here so PLEASE breakup all the madness!!!!!!!! i love you cody!! xD

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I LOVE CODY SIMPSON. You are very important for me to keep doing all this success and you're perfect.

i<3cody_52's picture


Mikayla Betchel's picture

give me chance love you i will tell you the only reason why's picture

dont call me maddy -.-

hot cody cody's picture

that is not nice maddy

codylover1005's picture

hihi's picture

hey!!!!!!!!! im not gay!!! im a girl! dummy -.- why did u make a acount!! u ruined this website!

hot cody cody's picture

no im not

hot cody cody's picture

you to's picture

kevin!! ur gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hot cody cody's picture

omg omg omg ............ im a guy and.............................................................. cody rocks

Mikayla Betchel's picture

i have always wanted you to hold me like that i want to hug have the smell of Cody on my shirt you are the most georgas kid in the world

Nyesha Favard's picture

cool video

rosiegirl's picture

Omg i loveu!!!!!!hottttty

merveille's picture

i love u

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if u love cody & alli simpson follow me on twitter: @mycrazyworld2 :) i love greyson chance too

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CODY IS SO TALENTED !!!!!!!! HE IS AMAZING ! i love his voice, his songs, his videos.. i love cody !! His sister ALLI is amazing too & her videos are really funny :)

LIVETHE's picture

awsome vidoeo!!!

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Me? New... Me? loving this!!! ? 143

allikaed3's picture

everytime i watch your videos i relize how much i would give to be that girl in them...everything 143

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cody simpsion is my favert singer my 143 i em his bigest fan

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MaRiouLaKi's picture

love it

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This is good song :D oHH Cody I love you so much :D

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Very beautiful Cody, congratulations / loved the clip, plus the fact I could be in her shoes haha, 'maybe one day. I love you. Brazilian kisses a fan

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awww i love this song now

a fan to support's picture

you are everywhere cody,even in iran.(???? ?????)

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its so sweet

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amo *-*